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Beautiful poetry! This is my favourite verse:

Row by row her patient heart
follows the master plan
and varies not to take or add
at whim’s playful command.

Great job!
What a heartwarming poem. Your words painted pictures. The last stanza was my favorite. Very nice.
This was ultra nice. The last stanza stands apart-and is the one that most touches my heart. God bless ya, littlelight
I love "the mystery of what will be / grows clearer with each step..." The most subtle of messages, captured with a very apt metaphor. Beautiful rhythm that matches the weaver's handiwork. As usual, awe-inspiring work.
Very nice, a little difficulty in parts, but a great effort overall.
This is beautiful! You had much control of your word choices! Wonderful job. :)
This is lovely. I especially like the last two stanzas. I can just see the dear lady working away. Very nicely done!
Also: How wonderful if our lives could be 'finished' as her artful weaving! A treasure of love left for all those who remain. Lovely!
I love it! The last stanza is especially close to home.
Beautiful imagery, beautiful poetry, just beautiful!
Linda - this was one of my personal favorites! Beautiful in every way. Great work - as always.
Totally lovely - and nostalgic for me. After my knitter/seamstress mother passed away, I had a vision of her weaving a tapestry of golden threads for the Lord....and your poem brought back the sense of harmony and fulfillment I felt for her even though her death is 18 years in the past. Thanks for this...and the "heart-level" masterpiece. :-)
Such a visual poem! What a beautiful picture you've painted. Loved the rhythm that seemed to echo the movement of the weaver's hands. Yeggy