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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
A well written poem with a powerful message that I believe truly reflects God's heart. I hope we can take it to our own hearts and apply it to our lives, rather than just nod. Thanks
A powerful, passionate, convicting call. We will stand before Him and give an account. You've captured God's heart cry for a lost and hurting world. The same cry that should be in all of us. Wow, this is so good. I heard a message once, "How can we enjoy heaven while our loved ones cry from hell, 'Why didn't you tell me?'" I hope to see your entry in the EC.
Wow. This poem is bold, powerful, convicting. Well said. There has to be a place for this one outside of the challenge as well.
I agree with the above writers. This poem is right on target. This should be printed where Church leaders and pastors could read it. I expect it to be a winner on the Challenge
Talk about convicting! I don't even go the the ends of my neighborhood with the Good News. Yikes! Well written poetry, full of wisdom and truth. A bold word for everyone willing to hear. Wonderful!
Yup. Convicting. True. Great entry.
All of the above! What an awesome poem that delivers! Jo
Wow--this is a wonderful wake-up call to the church! Great job with the pleading and sorrowful voice.

What I also love about this poem is that you're not afraid to use a near-rhyme, rather than to choose a less-perfect word just for the sake of a perfect rhyme. Not sure if I was clear there. I'll try again: your word choices are great, both for meaning and for the sake of the poetry. Excellent.
Such a powerful message, conveyed with beautiful precision. This line gives a convicting picture: "The price you pay for worldly fare rends a soul from Heavenís care." I'm rooting for this one in EC, too. GREAT JOB!!!
Ouch! I think this poem reaches further than the church! A definate wake up call in bold, beautiful language. Yes - the truth told with beauty.
Wow! Linda I know you wrote this, but I think we all recognize Who the Author is. This is so powerful, a cry from our Father's heart. Thank you for obedience and may the Lord use your written words to bring about change in our complacency and sloth, cold waxed hearts, self love, and lovers of money. God bless you.
Wow ... rarely does a poem capture such a strong exhortation! Great job! What a message!
Some powerful stuff here -this needs to be published in a LOT of places :)