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You made me feel as if I was in the room saying goodbye to Anna. This was very moving.
Lovely. Very well done.
Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.
Wow, you gripped the reader so fast and just held on.
(For a second, I was afraid Shaun had died - cause he had just left.)
Good Job!
Great job. Very touching and well written.
This was the second story today to bring me to tears. So powerful, and filled with so much hope. Thank you.

God bless,

Very good. Gripping story with a powerful message. Thanks.
Wow! I couldn't stop reading! You have the reader involved with each emotion - great job writing this!
This is wonderful! Her musings about the stranger who died for her will take on a new meaning as she recovers, I think. Superb writing.
I am a little slow. I got confused when Anna had the pain after receiving word that a donor heart was available. I assumed it was emotional pain, but it wasn't as clear as I needed it to be. But having said that little bit, this was a wonderful piece and you did a great job with it.
Beautiful. You had me right in there rooting for her. And yes, it is full of heart. Great writing!
Great job Jules! I was just about to sign off when I saw your hint. I couldn't leave without reading it. Very intense! I thought the baby was about to die. I was sad for the wrong person. I like the characters. I could feel the mother's pain. You did a good job. Bravo!!!
Oh my word - I've read almost half of this week's entries and this is the only one that induced actual, wet tears. I was SO feeling her emotions all the way along. I just cannot imagine having my family say good-bye to me and not having the strength to grab them and hold them and express how much I love them. And then to be jolted back to the hope of! I'm an absolute mess here.
Great job. Sadness, hope, realization. Emotional roller coaster. Excellent!
Well done. Right now I have a friend waiting on a kidney transplant. The waiting and not knowing is the hard part, until you realize that once their is a chance, someone else is suffering that loss - excelent job portraying that.
Talk about a heart-full piece! Seriously - this was really touching. Well done!
Great job - very involving. Loved the step-by-step progression of her thoughts. I was right there witnessing every breath!!

I have a friend who has endured not one, but two heart transplants - 11 years apart. She is an awesome witness to the power of God'stransformation in human life. Her spirit soars above the din of human pain - truly remarkable.
Oh, Jules. This was beautiful. So sad. So weepy.
I still love your stuff.
Masterful, you nearly had me there - I was sure she'd die. Wonderful protrayal of characters, and their love so clearly drawn.