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Member Comments
How lovely! I love fairytales. Carmelita was getting that reality check she so badly needed:) A well told story.
Great build up to a great ... ending. A well told story with the most perfect and satisfying ending! :) Loved it!
I love it! You surprised me with the way she got her due, hehe. Good job!
Hahahahah sucks to be her! This one made me laugh! I enjoyed it!
Absolutely hilarious. Great writing.
Hehehe. I loved how this ended and I loved the whole fairy tale aspect! Creative way to use the week's theme!
Wonderful! I loved it all, but I especially loved...the end. Just super.
LOL - I was waiting and waiting for it - and wasn't dissapointed -Well done!
Superbly written with a satisfying ending! You're right up there with Aesop! I loved it!
Perfect! I'm still laughing. Thanks.
The story read like a dream. I was expecting a hard lesson on pride, but you did so much better. Too funny!
What a cute entry! You grabbed this reluctant fairy tale reader and kept me glued to the very funny END! Great job!
I'm a sucker for a princess-type fairy tale! This was wonderful, and the spoiled vain Princess Carmelita did not disappoint! Really enjoyed her comeuppance! Loved the rhyme you attached to the 'end' to make the point!
Anita, this was great. Your descriptions were amazing. (Your such a talented writer) I loved it. Great job. Nothing bad to say.
Okay, ROFL! Gorgeous, flowing, crisply descriptive writing, intriguing perplexity on the part of the princess, and then...the horse's behind! Oh man...way to write the unexpected. :)
This was the first entry I've read tonight and it couldn't have been more perfect -- we just finished watching "The Brothers Grimm"! lol(A story about a vain queen wanting to be beautiful forever)

This was funny and cute and very well written. I really enjoyed your writing style. Great work and hope you place well!
LOL - I AM NOT a lover of fairytales but I definitely enjoyed this. Very much so. And the ending was well perfect. Well done!
Well Done Anita! Looks like you're the clear-cut winner of the People's Choice!
Well written, Anita. Ya done good. Was it worth the reading to get to that punchline? Weellll, yes, I think so! Good job!
Heh. That was awesome! I loved the idea behind the story and the moral at the "end". Heeheehee.........
Ha! What more is there to say? Wonderfully written, very clever. Your humor hit its mark. Well done!
Such a long, drawn out beginning, that was so fantastic that it kept me on the edge of my Computer chair...but such an awful let-down at the end; I expected so much more! However, the writing was exquisite and a masterpiece of perfection!
Talk about creative - wow! Well done!
Cute! Too cute! Loved the fairy-tale cuteness, the descriptive cuteness, the cute ending....just cute all over. :-)