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Member Comments
I was wondering, as I read, whether the "wrapped" fascintion was meant to be "rapt"; however, thank you for the enjoyble walk down memory lane. A nice story.
Love this. One the top 3 written this week, in my opinion. Maybe top 2.

I felt the joy all the way through.

I agree that this is poetic and strong. Very good entry. Polished and well presented.
I was holding my breath at this moment, thinking it was "THE" moment: "Then a jerk of movement which is so sudden that all the children and grandchildren gathered jump right with him. He seems determined. We don't know if it's like a leap while you dream, where you feel you're climbing a stair or tripping. We don't know if someone in the room only he can see needed him, or called for him."

Very nice lead with the fishing, card playing, and drink memories - you tied them in well to the current moment while "waiting."