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I liked this, and almost missed an observation. Even in the man's sadness the focus is still on himself. He does not ponder if the kids are doing well or if there is anything he can do for them. He only frets about being alone. So sad, to be so close to wisdom and miss grasping hold of it. Well done.
It reminded me of the pricniple of reaping and sowing! We reap what we sow.
There was a Chapman song years ago, "I wanna be just like you dad, I wanna be just like you! The father is always busy and finally when he has time in his old age the son is too busy. The laments that he had indeed become Just like me... Still it is heartbreaking to watch people in senior homes with no visitors. There comes a time the child grows up and should forgive...
well told story. We do reap what we sow - including selfishness. Fortunately, god's grace can help here, too. I thought your submission captured the essence of the theme.