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Member Comments
This had me smiling. It's so clever and so well done. It couldn't have been easy to write, but you did a great job on it.
This is really good. Keep writing!
This is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!! It has a strong message, it is really humorous (which always helps we 'normal people' focus!), the poetry works really really well ... I just love it. And what a unique take on 'lock'!
Alot of work went into this take on "lock"...and it was also witty! Nice job and well done...poor 'ole Samson! (smile)
I love this, girlfriend! I can see it being done as a "rap" in a teen-led service. So clever, and a bit of a change of pace for you. I knew from the boards that you had a very funny side--nice to see it here, too.
Way to go Miss Rapper of Poetry! Yes! I can see the kids now! This is a keeper girl!
Fantastic!!!!!! Awesome job!
My feet were tapping as I read this. Loved it!
Very well done!
Marvelous! I can hear it now being done before a crowd! WoW! This is great!
I love what you did with this topic. Biblical but so topical for teens especially to comprehend. It looked like a fun one to write.
How fun! I really enjoyed reading this. I'm still chuckling from a few of the lines, especially liked the tone of this piece. ^_^