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This entry brought me to tears. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful Mama; and very well written, as well. This story held my interest throughout, although my attention span is unusually short. A great job, a good message and right on target when it comes to prosperity.
Great quote; I've never heard that one before. Very moving piece.
This brought chills. Poignant, well written and touching. A great combination from a great writer.
This is an incredible tribute to a wonderful mom. What I like about it most is that, although our main character had her up on a pedestal of virtuosity, we were still able to see her real character; humble, kind, and tell it like it is. Very skillfully written. Thanks for sharing.
A touching tribute to a special mother. Good job. FYI, in many places you forgot to use end quotes when someone was talking. Just thought you'd like that brought out for your knowledge. :)
This was an inspiring tribute to a wonderful godly mother. Actually the quotation was done correctly. When you quote the same person in more than one paragraph you open each paragraph with quotation marks and leave the end open until the last paragraph of the quote.
Oh, this is just beautiful! I loved every single paragraph. I could really hear Peter giving this touching, private tribute at his mom's graveside. One tiny glitch: in the first line, ditch the apostrophe in "it's little bouquet". Other than that, this piece is perfection!
Nice story; very touching, and I'm glad to have read it. :)
Very sweet. What a tribute to both God and mother!! The emotion got to me at this point: "Mama, people might have thought you were poor,
but they never saw how rich you were in spirit." That's the bottom line when it comes to prospering...being renewed (a new creature entirely) by the Holy Spirit.

Loved it!