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Oooh, I really liked the ending of this, a unique glimpse into John and Mary long after Jesus' resurrection. A little division between the 4th and 5th paragraphs might eliminate any brief timeline confusion. Very empathetic with Mary's POV--well done.
I think this is some of the most powerful writing I have ever read. It has moved me to tears, and not just silent weeping, either. You have been there, obviously, to so effectively reproduce Mary's anguish. If this isn't number one on the EC, I'll have to eat my shirt!
Most excellent piece. In one mighty article you have captured, not only the depth and breadth of a mother's feelings, but also the unbreakable bond between The Mother and Eternal Life. Perhaps it could have ended with the exclamations He Lives! The last part seems to detract a bit, but Great writing. Thank You.
Glorious, Heavenly, Wonderful writing that leaves me almost speechless and that is really hard to do! I think this is a MASTER PIECE!
This is a very powerful piece. The quick time changes jolted me a little at first, but when I realized what was happeining it didn't bother me. I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about the life of John and Jesus mother, Mary before. It has opened a whole new area of thought and study for me. Thank you!
Wow! This is exceptionally well written!

I enjoyed getting inside Mary's head & feeling her thoughts.

I find very little use for stories about Mary because there is so little said about her and I don't want to idolize her, but what you have written here deserves it's due.

Mary was a Mom and a Human and the Mother of Our Saviour.

Beautifully written.

Birdie, I LOVED this. At first, the time changes threw me a little, but it is outstanding. I couldn't and won't forget it. I've always had a lot of sympathy for Mary, the woman and mother who saw her son die so cruelly for me. You did an amazing job conveying her emotions at the various stages of her life. And the end! I loved John handing her back to her son. Awesome!
Congratulations--breathtaking piece! What a precious ending...It takes us all beyond all the arguments and speculation about Mary's status, and and leads us into the fabric of relationship. Beautifully done, well deserved!
Beautiful, powerful writing - thoroughly deserves its win. COngratulations.
A well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS! :)
Birdie - This is breathtaking and beautiful! Congats on your win.
What can I say. This is a compelling piece of writng from start to finish. The line----The God of creation suckled contentedly at the breast of his created:----undid me. What a glimpse at His tender mercies. This made me bow in worship as I sensed His presence. How He loves you and me. Oh, to the heart of a mother. There is so much here to glean from. Congratulations on a most well deserved win. I am humbled by your writing.
He lives! He lives inside of His saints! This piece is so beautiful and the ending is perfect. Wow. Congratulations, Birdie.
Oh, I'm so thankful to read this piece again, especially after just losing loved ones. It is written with such beauty. Truly amazing work. I'm deeply moved. I especially love the ending where John presents mother back to Jesus. Bravo! Clap, clap.
Beautifully done. You are an excellent writer.