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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Member Comments
You belong in Masters. This is such a skillful piece - amusing and tender. I loved reading it and am eager to read more!
Entertaining and creative! Hats off to you!
Very creative. I was fascinated as to where you were going to end up - 750 words isn't enough, is it? Good work.
This was fun! Good story!
This is FANTASTIC!! I wish it had a zippier title, and I'm unclear about the role of the cherub--but wow, this was FANTASTIC!
Excellent story. A pleasure to read. I mean a true pleasure. Very, Very nice job. At first I may have wondered where I was going, but it was so good, I was willing to take the ride and you didn't let me down. Congrats.
A really neat job of describing a Soul, but also interesting, intriguing, and VERY entertaining. (What's with the tiny feet on a snake, though?)

I loved your story; however, you have doomed my identical Soul Entry to the Trash Bucket! Mine won't stand a chance after the Judges read YOUR version of creating a Soul. Many Thanks... (smile)