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What a great story and I loved how you tied it all end towards the end. Indeed you had me cringing as you so honestly showed the simple ways we favor everyone but God on some days. I just think you did an excellent job here!
I agree with Donna. This was well done and very insightful.
Very well written, but why oh why did you have to put food in there... ")
Brutally honest- I admire your openness. You speak the truth so clearly, blending today's realities with yesterday's truths... proving just how relevant the Word of God is to all generations. Very well done! - Nancy
Excellent! very well written and relevant to our life today.

This is terrific, Lynda. Lots of fun and the conclusion was powerful. Sorry I didn't get to it earlier.
Wow, this is a good article. I was surprised when it changed tracts, but you made it flow great. Well written and point very well made!