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Member Comments
I was thrilled to read this. I often invent games too when I'm bored, and I'm glad this author finally realised his need for Christ.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing. I often invent games too when I'm bored and more often than not, get an inspiration from my games.
God bless your work
Nicely done, and flows well. I like the way the need for Jesus was realized.
I love how this person "saw" her need for Jesus without even seeing! You did an exceptional job of showing the world from a blind person's perspective - a very unique take on the topic. I truly enjoyed this!
Great story, sometimes it is good to use our ears to picture our surroundings! well written!
I often close my eyes inorder to view my surrondings in a different light. Sometimes what we see can get in the way of the message. Awesome job.
Very unique way to look at walk. You kept my attention all the way. Delightful.
Way to place Racheal! Congratulaions!
Wow. This was really great. Very creative with a powerful message. Well deserved win!
I agree---another well deserved win, Ann!
Ooops, I mean Rachal, this is great! Your talent shines thru here as well as in your novels...Well deserved win!
Oh, Rachel :D I absolutely LOVED this piece the first time I read it "so many moons ago" - and loved it even more (I didn't think it was possible!) when I read it yesterday in "Hidden in the Hymns." Just excellent my friend - glad I got to look at it again. :)