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This was great! Very well written & such realism. I felt that I was right there in Lucifer's throne room.
Pulled me right in and kept me reading. I like this line: Even the Creator has limitations - as it reminds us that God has NO limitations. Well written.
Everything and anything about Lucifer alias satan, alias the devil, turns me off; but just because the subject matter is distasteful to me, doesn't mean the writer isn't entitled to a "comment" on his or her talented writing. You are creative, keep your reader intrigued and interested, and have a great way with words; many readers will be fascinated. Nice job!
Love the ending! Marvelous writing!!
Great, well written, and thought provoking.
VERY well done - I felt like I was right there! I love the last line of this too - and I often wonder if any of the demons really DO know Satan's plans will never work.
Wow. I loved this. It reminds me of a line from a song from one of my favorite Christian artists. "...And the reveled and howled at the war that they thought they had won..." (Andrew Peterson)
Hmm...I never thought about what was going on "down there" while
Jesus was being crucified. Interesting perspective. Well-written. Like watching a movie. Good points brought out, too.
Well written. Kept my interest. Great job.
"If Jesus wants a battle, He's got one."
Wow! What a line! That was great!
Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

Very good details, good characters -good job :)