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Very well written. The ending was a bit unrealistic, which I have been guilty of a few times too, but I loved all of the story up to that.
Thanks for sharing your interesting story. I agree the end was a bit unbelievable -- too neat, too perfect, etc. But I've done the same thing, too. God bless! :)
I liked this a great deal--I just wanted to know what happened between the 12th and 13th paragraphs...but your narrator was extremely bold to take this step, and I really appreciate it.
I just liked the fact that this was very different!

I have a friend who moved to the black hills of South Dakota and was given an authentic Indian flute as a welcoming gift by local Indians...and the first time she picked it up this soulful music poured out. She knew nothing about the instrument before this; the locals were shocked! So somehow this story sort of plugs into that one...that God uses us when we go into settings that are other than "Christian" and allow Him to work through us. :-)
Melanie, congrats on placing.
Melanie-CONGRATULAIONS! Great story, I am so happy for your win!!
Congratulations, Melanie! You did a great job with this piece. It touched a chord within me; for I have loved my Lakota Sioux neighbors here in South Dakota for a number of years.

I can attest that your ending is not at all unrealistic. These people are very attuned spiritually, and I have known the Holy Spirit to move on them in ways far stranger than in your story!

And there are some wonderfully bold, loving believers of other races being raised up to love the First Nations people with the special grace your story describes. Bless you for boldly declaring the things that are possible with God, when man's thinking would deem them "unrealistic."

Keep writing boldly, whatever He places on your heart! Blessings, sherrilee777