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This is absolutely delightful! I love the idea of the stars singing along with creation. One day we will hear their song! My fav line: And the stars sang of His wonders/As they echoed His delight.
This is a wonderful poem! Great imagination!
I found this...comforting. Can't quite find the right word, that I think that one works. :-)

This was a favorite line: "the stars sang out a symphony
A splendid, glorious sound"

Nicely done!
As I look at the stars tonight I will wonder if they still are singing! What a cool perspective on the days of creation. Thanks for your writing. Well done.
This is very lovely - really repaid a second reading, too. Well done.
I liked this a lot, and I love the idea of the stars singing out. I think it would have worked with each new creation joining in with the stars, too. The rhythm and meter (is that the same thing?) flowed well.
Don't you just wonder what that sounded like? Awesome writing, very appropriately musical and song-like.
Just lovely - what an awesome poem for an awesome event. Thanks for making me "think on" this wonderful time.
I, too, will never look at the stars again without intently listening to hear their symphony! Beautiful! :)
I'd never thought about the stars singing ... thanks! Beautiful.
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