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This was great! I really enjoyed it-catchy title.
This was great! Hehe.
I love a good romance - and this was VERY good!

I thought at first the noise coming from his mouth was one of total frustration or something ... took a while before it dawned on me that it was a happy noise ... which I guess is exactly what you intended, eh?

Masterfully written indeed. Excellent!
Cute! Woo hoo, this is how it is: "BAM! Instant attraction."

Good visuals. I could see all the baby stuff!!
It was so real that I almost wished that it was non fiction! Great job! (And so this is how a master writes. Ah Masta!)
Too cute and well written
This is SOOOOOO good!
Utterly adorable, what a charming voice!
Ok, I REALLY loved this! Loved the dialogue, the description, the humor, the delight between the characters. This was sooo good. Oh, and I loved the title and, of course, the great last line. Very well done.
I was surprised to read at the bottom that this story is fictional. It seems so believable and true to life. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Oh this rang some bells with me. The second time I met Stephen I was appalled to discover that the charming man I'd enjoyed chatting to the previous time was responsible for the terrible din coming from the back of the church this time. Like your fictional character, he doesn't care at all - he's not singing for anyone's benefit but God's. Oh, and he's going to be in the choir in Heaven.
Sorry, back to the writing - great stuff, written with a lovely light touch. Highly enjoyable.
This is the kind of fiction I wish I could write! Delightful!
Great story. I read it to the hubby and he liked it. He could relate all the way through it. Only I'm the one with the bad voice and he puts up with it. At least my kids don't seem to mind.
I loved it. A fun read all the way through.
Definitely a fun story, and so real in subtle ways it's hard to believe this is fiction (so thanks for the last little admission).

Great characters, great imagery, great writing.

The first sentence seems extraneous, as you describe in the next paragraph all you say in the first sentence. Throwing us directly into the story would add more punch.

I'm not sure how to fix this but I was caught up a little by the "back to the present scene" phrase. It pulled me out of the story and is a bit of a rough patch. Find a way to jump through time a little smoother and this would be perfect in my opinion.
This was a very fun read and highly entertaining. My dog howls and goes crazy every time my husband sings (only him... no one else). It could be just a jingle from a TV commercial and she wakes up and goes nuts. I figure she must think he's in terrible pain to be making such an awful sound. LOL Loved your story!
This is one of the most enjoyable entries I've read!
This was SO delightful - and I'm sure your hubby appreciates the disclaimer at the end. Loved this line:

It doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out that melodies come in all shapes and forms; Benís form just happens to be a bit lumpy.

An absolute JOY to read!!
This was absolutely delightful! Thanks so much a funny and heartwarming story. I, too, wish it was true!
Hehehe. Loved the opening picture with Ben and the pacifier as well as the idea of him getting kicked out of a volunteer choir. Great humor. :)
Great story ... enjoyed it so much! Good work! :)
This is one fantastic read! Just great! So delightfully written, and such a...forgive me, I'm speechless. The Best I've read lately. A+!!!! and then some! Kudos!
Hehe I loved this. (I thought for sure I had already read it, but I guess not.) I really liked the line "Benís form just happens to be a bit lumpy."
Congratulations on your win, Lynda. Well done.