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This is a nice story! I love it. The hymn "In The Garden" is my favorite.
Enjoyed this pseudo-thriller immensely - a touch of chilling truth embedded in the humour. Good job.
Had me smiling in the midst of your character's danger! Loved: 'our trademark was acting ditzy. It didnít take too much acting for some of us.' followed by your character actually acting ditzy. Hangs together well. :-)yeggy
What a fun read! Love the originality you've shown here, and I, too, liked the "ditzy" comment. Good job!
Heheh. I think this one was even better then the first in the series. :)I had fun reading it and thought your clue was pretty clever.
A spy thriller with a "garden" thrown in for topic purposes. Neat.
Great job of holding interest! I was definitely riveted from beginning to end :) Wonderful description, and I love how you endd it. I'm definitely going to read your other installment of this!
Very clever and so nice to read a different type of genre. FYI - I think the proper spelling is "stake-out". Excellent job!
Cute! Made me snicker. I tripped a little on the word steak-out. But, I decided she must be hungry and kept going! hehe. Blessings!
I really enjoyed this, and it is very well written. Thanks for sharing it!
I remember the Hyacinth Society... exciting read and good writing, as always!
Very creativive! The dialogue & setting was excellent!
Mystery laced w/ humor - bravo!
Picture perfect, right on key - WONDERFUL! :)
Riviting with touches of humor. Great dialog and I love the title. Excellent writing!
I tripped a little on WWIII, I kept thining it read WWII and wondered what in the world you were writing about! LOL Good Grief am I dense! After I realized how "ditzy" I am, I rather enjoyed this piece. Okay, I enjoyed it before that too!
Fantastic opening! You grabbed my attention and I was not disappointed. Masterpiece all the way!
The dialogue was well constructed. I think that you needed to get a better balance between the humour and the actual danger that the women had put themselves in.
Enjoyable and entertaining. The dialogue was top notch. God bless.
I really enjoyed the combination of the two genres, but agree that the balance was a bit off. I feel that the suspense should have outweighed the humor. But I still loved it.
I also loved this - it was really entertaining. Your 'voice' (not the one in the ear but the storyteller's voice) is just delightful.

As far as the challenge is concerned, perhaps 'garden' doesn't take centre stage as strongly as it could, but that is totally irrelevant in terms of how this stands in its own right. I really enjoyed it.

How about a book of their wartime adventures? Please. Pretty please.
That was really cool. I like spy stories, but I want more. You really ought to write a novel about that. It gives us beginners inspiration to keep aspiring til the day we too become Masters.