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Ah-ha! I had to go back and read this twice just to figure out the clues I'd missed the first time around. I like it - a canny twist! Good job.
You reeled me right in. I was trying so hard to sort it all out, when the donuts and lattes came on the scene! Great job, and very creative!
This was quite hilarious, it took me a second read to really grasp the storyline, but it was fun once I figured it out. Good job!
Fun! I didn't have a clue how it was going to turn out until I read almost to the end. You sucked me right in.
The brown between the teeth would have told me who wrote this! ;)

And knowing it was you who wrote this gave me more anticipation at wondering what was up your sleeve - never guessed! :)

Loved it wholeheartedly!

The mall comparison is perfect - right on sister! ;)
*Grins* Oh the temptations of 'real food.' I loved it.
You got me! Very well written. Thanks for the read.
Oh, this is just delightful! I'm applauding madly.
I can be so dense sometimes! I didn't get it the first time. Now that I come back and read it after reading the comments ... LOL Duh! Very cute. Just an opinion, but I think the mall comment could have been left out. But what a fun story!
I didn't 'get it' til the end! Then had to go back and see how clever you are! Tall, short, black, white, pictures...clever writing!
Bravo! Clever to the max! Wording is perfect - tall, short, black, white - wow!!

Tricky but not too tricky, just enough to be a fun read. :-)