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Amen! Thanks for this wonderfully written reminder. I needed to hear it again.
Wow, I can't believe you don't have more comments! What a touching story with a wonderful point and well written. Welcome back to the challenge--I've missed you!
Beautiful and what excelling choice of wording.
A moment of peace like an oasis in chaos. This was lovely, restful and well written. Thanks so much for writing it!
Anita! Way to go, girl!!! I was with you all the way. I loved some of your descriptive phrases throughout. eg. "the cool breeze tickled and teased" and so many more. Great job.
This is a lovely and well written work. I think the reason our comments came late was because of the "heavy" paragraphs. This story is like a beautifully detailed painting. Each paragraph is an adventure in word color and texture. Wonderful! But most of us are skimmers and we read the easy pieces first. But don't change and write down to us, continue to work to bring us up and open our eyes to the beauty of a well written work. I give a DAVEY for the beauty of the language you have painted into this work. Well done.