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Ooo, I love Biblical fiction! Is this the Luke of the gospel? Clever way to combine stories.
Another good Luke story. what a chance to see so many different views of a man spoken so little of. And you never know It COULD have been that way.. Good job.
brava! It's good to 'meet' another person who bravely took on Luke from the Bible. I enjoyed it.
A really good blend of past and present to create this Biblical fact/fictional scenario! So cool! And bringing this possibility to life makes it a believable read. Well done! :^)
I really enjoyed this. Luke is one of my favorite bible characters, and the book of Luke is my favorite of the four gospels. This is well written. Thank you for sharing it.
You're a great prose writer, Linda! I'd suggest that you do it more often, but then we'd be missing out on your poetry. What a dilemma!

This was beautifully written. I'm curious about the "Jay"--a nickname, I guess, and a way of making this story timeless?

Awesome ending.
First of all, though you may not have gotten to masters writing prose, if this is an indication, you certainly could have! This was VERY compelling and heart-wrenching. I love how you combined these two biblical "stories" and made them totally believable. Great characterization!
WOW! I believe this is a winner! You do write beautiful prose as well as poetry, Linda.
Wow! You've been holding out on us. You can write great prose as well as great poetry. You had me hanging on every word.