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Highly readable and entertaining. If I were to be hyper-critical, I was a bit disappointed the end didn't have a punch - you had so may good lines and laughs along the way, I hoped for a tour de force at the end! But this is definitely one I'll remember - those spaghetti legs...
If I had had a swimming instructor like Sven, I might have actually learned how to swim! Loved your descriptions of the "girlish" feelings.
This was a lot of fun. You had some great descriptions interwoven throughout, and got in touch with all of the right emotions.
lol - you have some great lines here. This was a joy to read.
I loved the footnote! I think mre decription of Sven would not have gone amiss! Liked his accent!
Thanks for this very entertaining read. This is my favorite line: Part of me wanted to shout, “wheeee----“
Well done.
Great job. I kept picturing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the swim instructor/lifeguard. This was a great read.
Loved Sven's accent, and all the wonderful description. This was very vivid and a great story! Also loved the footnote. Great writing, Lynda!
An intriguing and interesting romance; kept me glued to the story; plus, nicely written with wit and easy flow. Well done.
Thanks for the great read. Very well written, filled with fun quips, descriptions and accents. Yeh! The MC wins the guy! So sorry, Carmen. I really enjoyed this, Lynda. Thanks for pointing my way here.
Oh yah, what a fun read! Many good lines, but my fave, too, was "Part of me wanted to shout, “wheeee----“ but the other desperately longed to wrap my arms around Sven" I could so see myself there!
Oooh... I don't know if I would have wanted to hang off of Sven.
lol ... liked this one. Nice and light compared to some others. Enjoyed this!
A fun read. Well done.