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Beautiful! What a wonderful way to express that passage of scripture. Good job.
Great, great job.

As a teacher I've seen too many girls like Sadie Jean. As a father of two daughters, they are the reasons that I do everything I can so they don't end up like Sadie Jean.

Powerful writing.
Your excellent phrasing showcases your godly perception. My favorite!
Very, very good. I loved her thoughts intersecting with the rest of the story. Excellent!
Very creative approach - loved the progession of the poem.
written and crafted beautifully. I enjoy the many levels of your work. This is even better when read out loud. I loved it. Excellent job. God bless.
Ahhh ... wonderfully crafted! Unfortunately more real than we'd like to think. I love the way you put this together. It's powerful! Great work! :)
Wow! Real everyday stuff. Well done
Oh, wow, this is great! I know so many "Sadie Jeans." Gorgeous writing, perfectly constructed.
That was was put together like a puzzle that only reveals its picture when the last piece is placed into position...a great piece of writing!!
Ah! The importance of a father. Excellent!
Beautiful. Heartfelt. Good job!
A beautiful job of sharing a sad story that is too familiar to too many... Blessings, Cheri
Expertly written - wonderful message expressed so poignantly.
Blinking back tears--hauntingly beautiful!
The way you interspersed the questions throughout worked really well. This was very touching. Great writing!