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Very nice. You made me think of my mother and my child.
I love every one of these stanzas, and you had a PERFECT ending. Definitely made me think of the legacy I am leaving my little ones! Wonderful writing!
Oh, I love this poem! Every stanza more perfect than the one before.
you leave me anticipating the end from the very beginning! good rhythm and thought...thanks!
I never knew such boundless joy
Could flood my very soul
Until my children turned from sin
And let God make them whole

AMEN!!! This is why I stear clear of poetry. I could never come close to writing this well. Excellent mechanics and a more than effective message delivered expertly. Another outstanding entry!!! God bless.
The boundless joy you describe and that William notes above, is truly incredible! My son, 19 1/2 years old, was baptized this past Sunday. What an occasion to rejoice! I love your poem! Outstanding job. Blessings, Cheri
Very tender. I liked this alot.
Written with such effective meter and rhythme, the message is powerful and poignant.
As I let the words soak in tonight, I am challenged to surrender the "angst" to Him while being ever so thankful for the mother He gave me.
Thank you for using your gift of pen, Anita.