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Great story! As Westerners we sometimes forget the sacrifices that some have to make to worship God.
This is SO atmospheric and chilling. I love the use of Swahili throughout this piece - it definitely gives it just the right flavor and authenticity. Excellent!
Excellent story. I love the Swahili too. The title grabbed me, and once I started reading I couldn't stop.
Excellent story! I know a young man in Malawi who went through something very similar. His father is tribal chief and witchdoctor and the son became a Christian and fled to South Africa to escape death. So, although this might be a piece of fiction, it is a story that is too often played out in real life in Africa.

Well done!
Oh, this is good. You portrayed evil very well, as in the man vowing to take his owns son's life. What kind of father would do this, except one who doesn't know Christ? I like the little twist at the end where he is rescued by the pastor's son.
Talk about a title calling attention! ;) Powerful story. Loved this line: "Fluid love surrounded this man like a pool of pure water from a fresh mountain spring." Sounded poetic. Good job!
Wow, Jan! I love stories like this that dig into another culture and give us insight into the danger Christians are in for their conversion. Thanks for sharing this.
Awesome, awesome article! One commentator said, "You portrayed evil very well, as in the man vowing to take his owns son's life. What kind of father would do this, except one who doesn't know Christ?" Truer words were never spoken.

And the irony is that the God who saved us, the God whom we serve, allowed His own son's life to be taken - Jesus gave up His own life willingly - so we could be spared being that kind of parent, one without Christ.

Impressive work. Blessings, Cheri
Goosebumps! I really love this one, Jan.
This is a wonderful peek into this fascinating culture. How sad that this father would rather kill his son rather than know the truth. Loved the use of Swahili. Thanks for sharing this.
I loved this (especially because I have been learning Swahili and I worked out that this was the Lord's prayer without being told! Yeah!!) OK, bragging over - great piece. Thank you for making my day.
Chilling account here! I loved your choice or words and the way you moved the action along. Excellent job!
An enjoyable story that points out what Missionary's are doing in other lands. Congratulations on your placement!!