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I'd recognize this writing excellence anywhere! You have an amazing way with words, mixing in serious thoughts with humourous descriptives, and I just love the whole 'batch'. Thanks for your creativity and hope your writing brings much blessing to you and those you minister to.
This poem is well thought out and I love the detail. Great message, too. I'm always afraid of using longer lines in my poems, but you know how to make that work.
I don't know how you do it. But I do know one thing - it never helps me when you sit right behind me! ;)

BAM was a brilliant touch. ;)
I loved your portrayal of the enemy - "this ornery wretch" - as compared to the LORD.
How like him to snivel, and slink out of sight when God steps into the picture, or the kitchen, as the case may be.

Thanks, and God bless,

Your word usage is fun, even though the subject matter is serious. Nice balance!
Loved it! Added it to my favorites.
I generally find long poems tedious; you've found just the right rhythm and rhyme (not to mention brilliant topic) to keep me reading.
Well done! I don't know how you think of all these wonderful, unique descriptions, and how they flow so well in poetry! I've never been a fan of poetry, but your entries are so enjoyable to read, that I'm changing my mind.
Clever and wonderful. What a creative mind you have - and a gift for poetry! Thank you so much for sharing.
I ENJOYED this very much. I'd read it again. I've taken a swim in that pot myself, more than once. And once I realized I was getting too hot, starting to boil... and that the liquid surrounding me was nasty sludge- not the treat I'd thought it was... by then I was utterly helpless to climb up the steep sides of the pot. It's what the psalmist referred to as a slimy pit, I believe. All I could do was cry out for my Saviour to pull me out. And He did. See my rambling comment? I must have like it! Good job.
Wonderful, as always, and so very true! I especially like the gentle characterization of the Lord in the last few stanzas. Great job!
Congratulations! I loved this - funny, serious, clever - you have it all in here.
Such fun rythm, and a great message too. Too many favorite lines to name one! Congrats!!!
Wonderful! Very clever, making it so enjoyable to read. Yet full of truth. Congratulations!
I loved this entry. I remember it from my early days at FW. It took me several months before I commented on any entries and I've just run across it again, so wanted you to know that I think it's GREAT! The word choice, meter, flow, everything is so good!
You are SO GOOD, in content, in meter, in rhyme, in everything! This is perfect in every way and I'm so glad you brought it out for Halloween! I would love to see this illustrated! LOL