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A spirital realization that recalls "Cats in the Cradle", but with eternal impact. How many messages does God attempt to send us in our times of need that we brush aside. As Festus said, "I will hear thee at a more convenient time." So true. Hell is truth seen too late.
What a great message! The Bible, our love letter from God, and "able to make us wise unto salvation" is the #1 seller and also the most neglected. This is a powerful evangelical piece!
So powerful and thought-provoking. I agree this is amazing as an evangelical piece. Bravo!
So sad and such a powerful message.
letters to woo my heart...greta line
well done. so sad.
Imagine God's saddened heart as we run through our days, chasing the urgent, ignoring the important... Well done!
Blessings, Cheri
Very well done. God bless.
I love poetry that reflects the simple ebb and flow of life. This poem does that beautifully. Its easy rhythm makes it an enjoyable read but it, also, has a message that needs to be read and captured by those who haven't listened to the still small voice and those who aren't sharing what they know to be truth.
You wrote with a wonderful sense of both tragedy and irony. And I really like that you didn't go on too long--this was short and to the point, exactly right.
wow! I am not really a big poetry fan but this was good. bravo!
I love this. It's a great piece to remind us all we should spend more time in the word. Thumbs up.
Poignant and very true. Your poem was well-written and your story was sad but well done. Thanks for sharing it.
Very well done and thought provoking.
God isn't pushy, so He's easy to ignore at times. Thanks for the reminder.
This could give those who feel they 'still have time' the nudge they need. And yes - it was perfect in length, message and form.

A beautiful job of word choices and writing.
Well done and sadly true!
Wow, very moving. Love the cutting ending. Straight to the point...and the heart. Excellent!
This brings home the point that none of us have very long here. We hurry and scurry for things that won't matter in ten years, much less one hundred years! There's only one task worthy to be done, one that will last, yet, we, like so many before us, fail to see it. Thanks for the reminder.
A clear and profound message here. Well done.