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A great peak into a whole other world :) good job!
OH, I loved this story. I got a bit confused at the beginning because I was trying to figure out what int he world a "hearing stick" was. ROFL! Oops! Don't worry. I'm pretty sure that's me, and not you. I loved how you were able to make the characters so compelling in such a short space.
After I caught on to what this little girl was doing I absolutely loved this story! This is more than a glimpse - it's like a slice of life for the hearing impaired.

I REALLY enjoyed this - I'm so glad it wasn't boring. ;)
This sounds like Amy at work on any day of the week! It's incredible the amount of work that goes into being a signing expert, and even more amazing that it can make such a huge difference in the life of a child like Renee.
I loved it! You so know the deaf people and their culture so well! And to portray it through a deaf girl's eyes to the Awesome as always.
Wonderful story. You turned a light on inside my head as to what life must be like for a deaf person. Thank you!
I really liked this and loved the ending. God bless.
I used to work in the library of a hearing school and Kate was truly one of our students there. I watched her world come to life after a hearing special ed teacher began to work with her. As I read this, I could just picture Kate again ... thanks for the nostalgia. You've written this well ... sorry I've nothing particularly helpful to say ... I thought it was great.
Oops - just realized that Kate was the helper ... you're wrong there ... HELEN was the helper. Just goes to show how engrossed I was in your story ;-)
Renee is such a compelling character - so real. I just loved this wonderful story of a world I know so little about.
I really like this! I love the characters, and how the volunteer didn't just 'read' the story, but 'told' it. She was the perfect one to help the girl. Very good descriptions and wonderful writing! ^_^
A wonderful message few of us really think about. In my daughter's preschool is a child learning to speak and read now that he's been diagnosed as hearing impaired, he just lights up after three years of no one understanding his plight. Very solid writing.
Great example of how most people simply ignore the plights of others. Everyone is always so caught up with their own problems that they often times forget that other people have problems too. Happens to me all of the time, and usually the other person's problems are far worse than my own.... Good writing.
Very cool! I love this take on the topic. An enjoyable story and a very well-written one. Thanks for sharing it