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Outstanding ending! Loved the title, too. I did wonder if a piece set in Georgia should have had the American spellings: vigor, labor. A very slight matter--you've created wonderful, memorable characters through rich dialog and vivid description. And the "gulp" factor was definitely present in the last few paragraphs. Loved this!
I agree with Jan. The heroism of the master was both unexpected and touching. Great history lesson too.
This was a fabulous story. I think, that to make it grip the mind and not let go, you need more of a balance of description, narration and dialogue. There was so much dialogue that the weight of description couldn't shine though and enable us to really be there beside them. Your ending was good - I'd like to see this one expanded to around 2,000 words to give it justice.
A really great story that kept me interested from beginning to end. Super job of suspense, of passion, of courage, and of love for fellow man. Thoroughly enjoyed the read - and written by a Master Wordsmith!
A wonderful job of showing, not only the hate, but also the love of mankind. We've come a long way, but we have'nt yet arrived.
This sent shivers through me. Wonderful job of portraying each character in such few words. You did an excellent job of using dialogue to set up the scenes and show the conflict. Great job!
A beautiful story. I figured the ending, but I could never have expressed it as masterfully as you did. Excellence. God bless.
You're a master at 'show and don't tell' ... the red flush creeping up the boss' back rather than just saying he was angry etc.

I love these historical pieces - this didn't disappoint either. Well done.
Oh, wow. This was wonderful. I've always enjoyed historical fiction about slavery. It always makes me cry inside, but I still love it. This story was no different.
I agree you truly are a master at "show and tell".
Masterfully crafted as always, Ann!
Powerful. Good double meaning to the title -line upon line of written word, and line upon line of the lashes.
Well written, I could visualize the entire scenario. I even felt the desire Monty felt, and then the love the slaves felt for Winston at the end. Well Done!!!!!
Just amazing, amazing description AND action. So wonderfully told. You had me right there.
This is one of my favorite pieces so far! It had such a richness of dialogue, description, emotion, and message! Thank you for this wonderfully written story!
This is absolutely awesome. I had this same idea but you did it such justice. I really loved this. Thanks for sharing it.
An excellent piece that moved me to tears! As a judge this week, I commend you for a job well done. Congratulations on your well-deserved win!

Wonderful Ann! Very touching, I'm blinking back the tears even now.