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What an excellent adventure for me! Shades of C.S. Lewis. What a fun take on the subject and hurrah for the victors!
I love it! And I grinned at the underwear demons wear boxers or briefs? This is funny and deep at the same time, very well done.
Very creative and enjoyable. I'm glad your back. Excellent job. God bless.
Oh Lynda! Lynda! Lynda! How refreshingly different, intertaining and funny. I would have guessed and KNOWN this was yours anyway. Another WOW to add to the prequel. Kudos girl! ;)
Too funny! AND deep. So the next time I am discouraged or tempted, I should remember that I am being tormented by the likes of Hektor and Diemos... oh, that's rich! And it may help! Thanks!
You mean there are undies worse than those my family throws in the washbasket?? :D
Lots of fun, and as Pat said, this has Lynda written all over it :)
This was great. I've done a lot of fishing, so next time I get tempted to do wrong, I'll just picture these two bafoons dangling their bait over me ... so pretty, so attractive, but so deadly.
What FUN!! I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat. This is very creative. The two demons really came to life for me. Excellent job.
Whoooo...very sinister! A truly blatant way to get your point across. Terrific story and well-conceived characters. Wonderful! This just may be another winner. :) Blessings, Jo
Hehehe... too funny! I could see it all.
I so have to love this! You had me laughing through the whole thing once I figured who the two MC's were. Hektor sounds like the little sort of fellow that always ends up being the scapegoat. Great job with this, I like the creativity here and the storyline was very entertaining! ^_^
All of the above! The whole time I was reading this my mind was acting it out in a "skit". Sure would make a good one, with a good pov. Teens would love it, and so would adults.