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Very good entry. We are so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we forget that there is so much going on at the same time in other places. This would be a great piece to highlight the importance of listening for prayer direction, even for people we don't know.
Creative take on the subject. I liked this. Well done.
The way you've weaved so many different stories linking them by the game is masterful. It is a good reminder of the world outside our own door. Well done.
Oh, this is really good. I really liked how the "action" and emotion in the stories built up with the action and emotion in the game. As others have said, this is also a great reminder to watch and pray for those around us of which we might not take notice.
The sound of Sports from sea to shining sea; with family fun, loneliness, drugs, break up and family violence all wrapped up in one game! So creative - but what is the message? I surmise, ponder, conclude...hmmm? Yes! That's a thought provoker; well done!!
I didn't quite get this until I read the first comment. But that's not surprising, I don't get a lot of things. Yes, the pov was a good one, it was the reader this time who was lacking.
A very cool -love the common thread..this one takes more than one read to really get it all -a lot there!!
There is so much here. I liked the line about the illusive American Dream mixed in with the "great American past-time".
What an amazingly neat and OOB idea for this! It took me a bit to catch on, but once I did - wow. Great stuff!
What a marvelous way to use this topic! This is simply outstanding.
Great job!! Very Creative and good writing!
This was a very creative take on this topic. I enjoyed the trip!
Oh wow! This is powerful. There is so much packed into this piece, but packed so expertly you don't even realize it. I loved the switching POV's and how it all integrated into the big game. Very creative-awesome writing! ^_^
Very creative powerful and well written. Excellent job.
There is so much here. Each piece intrigues on its own and together they are a rich tapestry of experience. Thanks so much for sharing it
Excellent weaving and emotionally charged. I could relate in more ways than one.
Congrats! ^_^
I usually stop reading when I get to something too negative (I prefer happy endings), but this one sucked me right in -- all the way to the end. Well done. & congratulations on your win.