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One of my favorites. I loved the way it kept moving, building -and the music kept playing :)
And what a creative choice- the fiery furnace story for this topic! I would never have thought of it. Interesting that you had the King be unscathed too. Makes me want to revisit that story in the Bible. I really enjoyed this one. Thank you!
One of my very favorite bible stories. This is expertly done, with amazingly vivid description and an amazing atmosphere throughout. Bravo!
Wonderful descriptions! I found the use of so many ellipses a tad distracting, but otherwise splendid!
Very well done. I loved the way you emphasized the music in this story.
Excellent rendition of an age-old Bible story. Well written.
This story sends me to my knees every time, with its "even if He does not..." What a perfect recognition of His perfect holiness! And you've done a marvelous job re-telling it with the emphasis on music. Superb!
Great retelling of this familiar story! My favorite line: Peace loosed their tongue. It has a great ironic flavor, usually peace makes be still - I love this look at what the Peace of God can do.
Pat, you brought this event of fearless faith to life! Some beautifully descriptive phrases here: "the crackling whip of Hades reached out and consumed the king’s strongest soldiers," "Fear could not keep the king from stepping over bodies still smoldering to reach the opening of the blazing furnace."

I had never thought before you wrote it why the king was not consumed by that fire. Great observation!

A wonderful job yet once again.
The way you began with the death song helped the story to flow. It was as if I could hear the noise and excitement throughout. Then silence. Music is a powerful backdrop for this familiar tale.
I love how you retold this Bible story. Even though I knew there would be a fourth Man, I had chills when I read it. Excellently done!
Where do you get your ideas? I wanna sign up. :) Beautiful descriptions. Great job.
Great job retelling one of my favorite childhoos stories. It has a nice flow and good dialogue. Great job.
A wonderfully retelling of scripture and written in such a fascinating way. Very nice work!
I love Bible stories retold, and this is no exception! Your powerful, descriptive imagery carried me along to the end! good job! :)
Wow. This is a new view on an old story. I liked how the music built up along with the suspense and the mention of 'Hade's whip'. That was pretty realistic I think, from the King's POV. Wonderful writing! ^_^
This is one of my favorite Bible stories because there is so much to discover. Your writing has opend yet a new door. Great job.
I *love* this retelling of one of my favorite Bible stories. Your descriptions are wonderful,and you did an excellent job of showing the faith of three men. Very well done.
What can I say except WOW!

This was so wonderfully written. You captured the moment so amazingly!

Teriffic Job!
I love the way you told this Bible story. Especially the way you would emphasize the music playing in the background. I really enjoyed it. Well done!
I never would have been so creative to put this favorite Bible story in synch with music. This is Master's level work for sure. I loved it.
Great retelling of a favorite. I like how the king stepped over the dead bodies, ignoring the fact that he too should have been consumed by the flames. Great writing.
What else is left to say but, "Amen and Amen!" Excellent.
Wow Pat - one of your best written! I loved this - once again you made Bible times come alive for me. I hope this one goes into your collection as well:) CONGRATS!
Congrats on making it into EC!
Congrats on the EC!
So glad to see your EC Placement. Loved your story.
Congratulations Pat!! A Masterpiece indeed! Love re-told Bible stories, and you did this one proud..injecting the music over and over for topic-sake. Very nice and a well-DESERVED EC!
Yes, this is truly a masterpiece, Pat! You have a definite flare with Bible stories as well as poems, etc.

You are soo gifted and your writing ministers to me as well as many others. A well-deserved congratulations on another win!