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I struggled so much to find a mystery I could tell in 750 words, but you've made it look easy. You took me through a large range of emotions with this piece - good work.
This was great, a really good twist. I was getting anxious waiting for someone to come and get her, but your ending was much more interesting than what I anticipated!
This totally caught me by surprise. Great creativity here well crafted mystery!
Oooh! Good twist. I like that. I really like that. What an amazing answer to prayer-and some awesome suspense.
You packed so much detail into 750 words! Perfect ending to a great build-up of anticipation. I love your style!
I was riveted from beginning to end, and shivering through most of it. Wow wow wow.
Great story. Although I would have killed MaryAnn with my bare hands, ripped her limb from limb for scaring me out of my mind.
No mystery about the skill of this writer! Great story! Super ending!
What a scare! You put it all together nicely.
An excellent mystery, full of suspense and intrigue. Made me rush to the end! Loved how it turned out. Now I'm wondering who she'd 'turned' on previouslyo-those in jail. LOL! Wonderful writng!
Great job! I love the twist.
Now this is the epitome of what a mystery is! You scared me to death and then came throught with such a plausible ending. Outstanding!
Wow! This was an awesome story! You have a great talent!
Wonderful suspense and clever ending! I felt so sorry for Julia to be held in so much fear! Even though this time there was an innocent explanation for the note, obviously she is still frightened of someone! I'd like to know more about her situation! Excellent story! :)
I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the good read.
Great job of characterization for Julia, and a superb job of writing this suspense-filled story. Love the ending.
I'm only commenting because you haven't commented on mine:) I'm also commenting becuase this is a fantastic mystery, very well written, and flowed effortlessly.
Anyway, Great job, been missing your writing.
Congratulations, Anita. This deserved to place.
Congrats on an awesome 'mystery'! ^_^