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Okay, I think you gave yourself away on the boards, 'cause I can't imagine anyone else writing something so gross. However, you totally cracked me up!
What a UNIQUE idea! It made me laugh. Very original!!
Too Funny!
LOL! Too funny. I love how it turned out to be the one person she didn't expect. Nice mystery!
What a great mystery - a cast of suspects, clues to follow, and of course we suspect the wrong person til the culprit is revealed in the end. Fab!
Well done! Really enjoyed this one. Ditto Cassie and Sally.
So cute and fun and funny! The perfect little mystery :)
Ooops, Catrina and Sally. Doh!
There we go again, assuming!
It get's us in trouble every time. Humorous.
Utterly hilarious, and by the way, ewwwwwwwww. Great entry!
A cute story with a surprise culprit! (I don't think I'll have a cup of tea, thank you.) Good job.
ROFL! Creative mystery and sooo funny!
What a hoot! Well written, too. Thank you for sharing this fun piece.
And I thought Millie had it all figured out! This was fun to read, and what a twist at the end.

I was wondering what part Tom the maintenance man would play in this story. You had me fooled. And what an eeeww ending! Great job!
I have to admit,this is incredibly creative. :-) I liked the twist at the end....makes it more fun when the culprit is not just the obvious suspect!
Hehehe -good lesson in jumping to conclusions without all the evidence!
I loved this. I have heard my pastor husband complain about finding some "clippings" in the auditorium. I guess that made me enjoy it even more. Great job!
This was awesome...LOVED it! Thanks for pointing me here.
Oh Cassie, this was too, too funny! I'm so glad you left the link. Still grinning. I'll probably think of this story every time I see toenail clippings.