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I could see it now! I'm saving already! So very entertaining and fun. Great job! Jo
Hilarious - makes you almost wish the kids would elope!
This is great. I LOVE your last line. Hilarious!
This is great. Perfect for humor week. The piece was exceptional because of the pace. I laughed with the article for a bit. At the flower-girl section, I stopped for 2 minutes laughing at one of my own memories. Then back to more reading and more laughing.
LOL! I just had to show my mom this and she loved it! We both couldn't stop laughing. I love the 1-10 things and especially the phrase with a 'bajillion' dollars and poor bob. ^_^
Five Things Every Reader Needs to Know:

Go to the bathroom beforehand.

Don't read it while your husband is sitting on the couch beside you. He doesn't appreciate the shaking.

Don't try to stifle your laughter for your husband's sake. You'll choke on your own spit.

Don't try to re-read it while your eyes are still streaming. You won't be able to see much.

Do forward the link to everyone you know.
Hilarious. Erma Bombeck would be proud.
Great! I laughed out loud - as so often when I read your work. Poor Boob! And poor butterflies!
Nice job! Just married my daughter off last year and can relate to some of them! Good pace and voice:)
Oh my goodness, that was too funny! Great job.
I'm still laughing too hard to type. This was funny! Can't quit breaking into that kind of laughter that makes my eyes stream with tears. I'll sleep good tonight! Blessings, Cheri
Probably funny, but I could never get into the Seinfeld-esque "maddness by minutiae" sort of gags. Well thought out and written.
'bajillion' is now my favorite word! I haven't 'been there, done that' yet (with a daughter)but I have a feeling there are many grains of truth throught this hilarious list! The last paragraph is a favorite too.

Oh my! A second and third read is even funnier! The reader reads in anticipation, knows what's coming and begins to laugh before reaching their favorite parts.

Many chuckles to the writer!
I LOVE this. Amen on #2 but this brought back great memories of my wedding and some loving reminders to keep in my memory box for when my kids marry. This is humor and you absolutely aced it.
I LOVED this! Hilarious. Great job. A family member is getting married soon so I could relate. Found this so funny. Great job. You made my day. :-)
This is absolutely hilarious! I especially liked the bit about the safety pins in rice...that is 'not supposed to be cooked'. I can just imagine what a sticky mistake it must've been! I really liked
this. Well done.

This is a great piece of hilarity all the way through!
A fun read. Fast paced. Very stand up comedyish. yeggy
Oh, did I laugh and laugh and laugh. I just adore your humor. This was so vivid.
Your advice is priceless. This was great and took me back to the general insanity of my wedding day. Of course I was playing golf in another state while my bride was dealing with the various fires caused by family and And she still wound up marrying me in spite of my being terribly sunburned and not being able to contain my laughter throughout much of the ceremony. And yes my mother was sobbing almost uncontrollably which you can clearly hear on the video. Good times...
ROFL!! Mother of the bride three times and one more to go...this is hilarious!
This is absolutely HILARIOUS! Definitely my kind of humor. It is by far my favorite. Great job!
This was funny, and I'll try to remember them when our three girls tie the knot. Please tell me all of this didn't really happen?

I think my favorite was #7 about the butterflies.
This had me laughing a LOT. I'm nowhere near ready to fill those shows, thankfully lol. You should consider a compainion piece - for the Mother of the Groom -my sister would be a good resource of material lol
PS - the only butterflies at our wedding were the ones I embroidered on my dress and the silk ones on my flowers LOL
excellent, Jan! I loved it and laughed. I especially loved calling your son-in-law "Boob."
This is really cute! Good advice.
I love this! I need to show it to my mom since she's in this position with me now ^_^

You forgot the "HELP ME" written on the bottom of the grooms shoes as he kneels at the altar! Great fun.You deserve the prize!
As if you need yet another person to say how hilarious, well-written, and true-to-life this is! :D
Great job! The title was irresistible and the story didn't disappoint. Fun...and too true.
Why are true life events so hilarious after the fact. This was great. Thanks for the laugh (which I needed) and congratulations on your win!
Congratulations on your win. I absolutely loved, loved, loved this one. Congrats again!
Jan, I just had to excuse myself and run to the bathroom, this was so funny! I really related to it! Congrats!
Jan, this was brilliant. My favorite part was the gasping butterflies :D ana close second was the origami doves.
Great story, Jan! So very well done! My favorite line was: "and she will have begun a wonderful new phase of life. With Boob. Try not to call him that." It was excellent the way you separated those sentences for effect. Your talent really showed on this piece!
Jan, it's been way too long since I've read your work! There's nothing I can say that someone else already hasn't. So I'll just say hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Loved every hilarious word. Congrats on taking 2nd!
This was great. You are a funny writer.
In Jesus' Name,
Toooooooooooooo funny Jan.You had me in stitches. Everyone is sleeping and I had to cover my mouth and try not to guffaw out loud.(GRIN) You have such a way with this type of writing hon. Colorful and down to earth. Way to go! Keep up the great work. Congrats.:0)Janice+-