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Tee hee. Very clever. The racier it got the more heat came into my face, but then you saved me :D I can't imagine cats ever fighting their basic desires, but if they did, your cat would be their leader :)
I LOVE this! It took me a while to catch on, but having two cats myself, this is oh so true! Wonderful "trap." Great job.
LOL! Clever and oh so well written! One of my favorites!
This just cracked me up! You really nailed the essence of cat-itude. Wonderful!
Oh, did you ever have me blushing - until I caught on (in the last line!) - excellent!
I thought I had this figured out half way through, but I was wrong. I was thinking 'dog', but when I looked back at it, I could see that it was so much more cat than dog. Very well written.
This was terrific! :) You certainly win the prize for cleverness and creativity!! Now that I know the twist at the end, I can see the clues you gave us all through the story. I suspected something was "up" all along, but I never would have guessed the truth! EXCELLENT job!!!!!!!!!
Oh this is GOOD! Too GOOD, definitely a favorite for this week. You did a wonderful job of tricking your unsuspecting readers into a delightful story with a hilarious, surprise twist ending. Love that cat...excellent writing! ^_^
I thought dog, and this was such a sassy story, as only a cat can have! Definitely a favorite!