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And to think that in many parts of the world, this practice still takes place. Wonderful story with a great lesson included. Thanks.
This is fabulous. What a wonderful lesson woven into a touching story. The ending is marvelous. Great job!
Only 96 years ago --a short time in comparison to all of history. I would love to read more about Katie and her resolve to Keep the Sabbath. Very well done~
Wow. This is amazing! I got goosebumps as I read this moving story. Excellent!
I've read about this awful fire before, and you did a wonderful job of bringing it to life and making it personal in your story! I was impressed with Rosie and her stand, as I grew up hearing accounts about God honoring us if we honor His Sabbath. Nice work and good message of obedience to parents and, above all, to God! :)
You told this story with such passion and detail. I felt like I was right there. There were a couple places where I felt like the story stalled a bit, but it was predominantly wonderful! :)
Wonderfully written, and an extremely compelling read. My only recommendation would be a title with more of a "grab" factor. This is publish-worthy, perhaps in a historical magazine.
How tragic! I love the message here of obedience rewarded. Your telling of the story kept my attention throughout, and I so appreciated the notes at the end. Simply terrific writing.
You brought history alive in this piece! Having a lesson woven in is wonderful and the way you did it makes it memorable. Excellent!
Wonderful telling of a historical truth. Good job.
This is a tremendous story. Tell the judges I said you should win. Big time! :-)
This was an emotional read for sure. I did not know this story before this, and you brought it to life. Great job!
I'm not familiar with this, so I learned something. The writing is strong, and held my attention throughout. Nicely done.
Very well written. Kept me reading all the way through. Great job.
Very well told. You brought Rosie and Katie to life. I'm glad I read this.
Oh wow. This is so real. I am so glad that she didn't give in to working on Saturdays. How sad the images are, especially the engagement ring. You did an wonderful bit of writing here. Very vivid and realistic. Thanks for sharing!
This was an awesome story. Very well written and captivating. I was there in the room the minute the fire started. God Blessed this writing.
Cassie, I have read one book about the Triangle Waist Company Fire and saw at least one video about it. You did an excellent job with the retelling of this tragedy, informing as well as keeping the reader in suspense. Good weaving of facts with fiction.

I think you probably meant to italicize this part which Katie was thinking: "Rosie’s missing another workday. She’ll lose her job for sure this time."

I very much liked the characters of Rosie and Katie that you painted. Very good description!
Well told, great details...nicely done.