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What a fun poem. Love the last line, too.
Loved the style of this, very fun, and would make a great children's book!
Ok, so I'm still laughing.
This was great.

Thanks, and God bless,

So refreshingly fun and funny! (and really, really very good)

Loed the last line too! What a hoot!
Where's the picnic? All you needed was a checkered blanket,lol. Man, here I am scratching and squrmjkng myself. Nice job, what a hoot! Pat's right, the last line is great.grin. Love it! Keep up the writing...but please, no more BUGS!EEEEEEEKKK.:0) ROFL
Very creative. You need to get it illustrated!
I think this would delight children from every country. Absolutely charming!
rofl .... this is too clever! I can see this illustrated and on my kids shelf. Great job!
Cute, fun, and the most perfect ending! RAID! I enjoyed your bugs! But mostly the Raid. LOL!
This is really cute. And well written. A surprise at the end.
Could it be great imagery, or am I just itching all over for nothing!
The cadence for this piece left me with a picture of kids marching around a camp ground and singing your poem.
Very enjoyable.
EEEWWWW!! Give me the creepy crawlys.

Great work.
Ha! That's cute. I love the ending. I feel better with Raid myself. Awesome work.
Well done! You should submit this as a childen's picture book.
LOL - I think even Dr. Seuss would smile at this one!
Ew ew ew ew ew! I'm a bug-phobic person, so I'm feeling a tad creeped out right now...but seriously, this is delightful. Ew.
This is hysterical. I'd keep a good grip on that Raid if I were you. Great job! Blessings, Teri
How fun. A delightful read.
Lots of fun. Love the last line. Thanks for sharing it
This would make a great little book for kids! I can even see all the pictures for it. :-)
I agree - this is a children's book WAITING to happen (stop by Zondervan, girl!). I probably had as much fun reading this as you did writing it. I laughed like crazy, especially with that last line.
Oh, Thank you!! I needed that laugh! So fun! :-)
Delightful and fun!
Congratulation dear friend Lynda. Of course a poem about bugs wopuld make it! (by you!)

I think the last line clinched it for you. ;)

Enjoy dear friend. Love,
This is so totally a Lynda entry! Congrats on the win--great job!
Congratulations. This is wonderful. I have the creepy crawlies all over me. Such a fun read.
What a great poem.
I can imagine this as a fantastic book, with really bright colors of large animated bugs, being read to a group of kindergarten children squealing with delight. Loved it.