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Love it!
I love the tone of this - and, of course, the wonderful message. Gave me much to ponder, too!
I loved your wonderful "Behappitudes" in this delightful poem.
This is a wonderful way to teach the Beatitudes! I enjoyed reading this!
Great wit, wisdom and skill in this work, from the title right to the very last statement.
Blessed are the Be Happitudes!
Traditional poetry would raise its eyebrows at one rhyming stumble I saw in one stanza, but with a piece as good as this - who really cares?
Just one word to describe this wonderful package (rhythm, rhyme, lesson, humour - name it): S U P E R B! Very well done!
Awesome! I'm so glad I didn't try to write about the "beHappitudes" [grin], like I thought I might. I love this paraphrase!
Just delightful and so true... I loved your play on the word behappitude... Going to print this out and keep... great teaching tool for Sunday school lessons!
This is so nice! I especially like the 'mourn within your soul' line - that's an excellent way of putting it. Thanks for the blessing! Good luck!
Nice! I think you got 'happy' write here! ^_^ Well done.
What a great lesson on how to be happy. I really enjoyed how you listed each "be happitude" one by one. Nice poem. Excellent.
Thanks for this reminder from our master of how to be happy. I needed the review. I can't believe you can put all of this in the body of a poem. Well done!
This was just beautiful! Your word carpentry was perfect and your skill as a master poet always leaves me wanting more. I'm so glad you placed on this one though I would have put you much higher up the ladder if I'd been a judge. (grin**)
You're the best, no kidding!
What a cool idea. And very nicely done. :) Congrats on your placement! :)
Congratulations on your EC -- great job.