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Wow! This is soooooo good! I like the way you wrote this, humorous and with a suprise ending.I so can relate to this, though I will have to say I love the outdoors but would trade a tent any day for a cabin or cottage or even a nice camper,grin. Great job! Love it!:0)
Very funny! Sounds like a great relationship - the wife willing to "rough it" to make her husband happy and he surprising her in such a sweet way. Great!
Oh, so cute! This is my idea of camping, too. Great rhymeing and fun to read.
This is great! Your rhyme gives a fun "air" to the poetry. I will be going camping the day after I know some of the dread. However, the great outdoors are calling!
I too am a nature lover but when it comes time to tuck between the sheets I want something other than canvas over my head. Just give me a decent night's sleep though and I'm good to go. Really great job and cute poem. You definitely connected!
What a fun piece! Is this autobiographical? ;) Love the meter of this - so FUN.
I'm with you all the way! Good job.
Cute! Made me smile.
I really enjoyed this "fun" poem. What a great husband!
I love how God teaches us things through other people's experiences (or poems!). A really great poem with a God-lesson for me! Thank you for sharing! =)
What a fun read! I loved the way you told your story in poetry.
Ooh! I don't mind a surprise like this! Not a bad poem. Keep it up.
LOL! Amen, sister. You and I spell happiness the same way. I was thinking the whole time she was going to learn to appreciate nature, enjoy the beauty around her, blah blah blah. I like your ending much better!
Very cute! And obviously written by someone after my own heart. Love, Teri
This was fun to read. Loved the twist at the end and I was feeling sorry for her!
Enjoyed every verse. It got me to thinking if this might be the way the great outdoorsman, Pat McManus's wife might would have shared her thoughts. Thanks for appreciating those of us who can only handle so much of nature before we long for the comforts of the inside.
Love your title, especially considering how the scene ends! This poem is fun and heart-warming. Terrific!
What fun! It sounds like you like to camp about as much as I do. This was well done.
This is a cute poem. It reminds me of myself -- I am not a camper. I like all the comforts of home.

Do try to use more poetic devices. Great job and God Bless.
I was smiling all the way through this! LOL. What a fun and enjoyable read. The ryhme was good and the story was better, you did good with the change of emotions and I like the line with "Happy Camper". Good job. ^_^
Ooh, I love it! I started smiling at the twist, and my smile grew with each stanza. Wonderful poetry!
A well deserved win! The happiness continues with you!
Congratulations Lynda! What fun this was, you make this look so easy to do. This was excellent.
This was just precious! Almost every woman can relate to this. It's a dream come true, made even more wonderful when we think of the fate we escaped. Who says poems don't place well? Congratulations!
Hurray Linda!! Congrats on your win:)
Congratulations -- this is very cute.
Yay, Lynda! The non-campers are validated! Congratulations on your winning entry!
Congratulations, this is a delightful read...nice to see (and refreshing) the husband displayed as an understanding kind of guy
Congrats on the win. I wasn't able to read many entries this week, but I'm glad I got to read this one. Good job!
Congratulations, roomie! I can so relate to this piece! You've done an excellent job. You never cease to amaze me.
God bless,
Congrats! Great poem! Very entertaining!
Well-written. Congrats from a fellow non-camper.
Very funny, Lynda! And ends with a twist. Nice! Congrats on your 1st place. - Donna
This made me laugh out loud several times. I love it!