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This masterful poem describes depression perfectly.
Amazing, amazing imagery. Love the glimmer of hope at the end - an excellent portrayal of depression.
"...and blocks all view with velvet folds" is one of my favorite lines. Depression felt like this to me, once. It's hard to escape that draping velvet, too! It feels soft, but it smothers life. Great images.
stealing away sweet gleem
smothering every shimmer
with dull dust

Only 11 words, yet they so perfectly use alliteration, imagery, personification...what a master poet you are! And how perfectly you captured depression, and ended with a perfect little whisper. Wonderful.
On topic and I appreciate the ending - just a bit of hope. Well done on describing sad in this poem.
I liked this a lot. You painted some good pictures with your words. And hope at the end!
You are so good! This is such a masterpiece in every way. It makes the rest of us wannabees weep with envy!

No kidding! You're a master word carpenter at work!