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A terrific commentary of tremendous biblical significance. Artfully done. Wonderful. Intelligent. Carefully considered and consistent with human experience. Fabulous! Fabulous!
This is excellent! Blessings, Teri
Very, very deep and thought provoking. Wonderful imagery. I didn't know "what" was talking. I thought for quite awhile that it might be an animal. Midway through, I didn't know what was talking, but I found myself envying it! The confusion in this story is palpable. Because of your skills at expression, I became a part of it. After reading this, there's a part of me that yearns to be less confused, just responding to what I feel. Satan doesn't fool with Creation....only human beings, so trees know what they know, expressing their feelings without the Author of confusion and disallisionment bothering them. For that, I envy them. See the many thoughts you stir up by this piece? Great job!
Wow. There is so much depth and confusion (not in a bad way) and layers to this. I was infinitely fascinated with the language and meaning. I could not stop reading. I definitely need to read this again, and again, and again. So much here!
Wow. This is indeed deep. I wasn't sure what was happening for a while. I went through many guesses in my mind, trying to understand. When I came to the line "And the earth moved" I got chills. Very moving.
This is fantastic. I was admittedly drawn into the writing with no clue where it was going and would never have guessed. Excellent, Excellent!
A standing ovation from my corner of FW! Brilliantly conceived! Beautifully written! You transported us beyond the reach of time and space and into a deep place of Truth. Wonderful!
I've nothing to add that has not already been said,
marvelously written,
very deep,
emotionally compelling.
Wow! Fantastically deepness in this piece! Well written and I am sure God was standing over your shoulder while you were writing this. Very thought provoking and a bit unsettling until you study the hidden meanings behind it. Well done! My hat is off to you!
One of the most literary pieces I've ever read on FW--this is simply, marvelously superb.
Told ya this piece was amazing! Congratulations on your EC. Love, Teri
A wonderful essay that deservedly placed...congratulations on this thought provoking piece.
Amen to everything said already.