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Your entry is absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, I think I suffer from a few of these maladies. :) Nicely done and thoroughly enjoyable.
Covetophobia - what other Faithwriters may dread when reading such a clever and well-written challenge. Exellent!
I know I suffer from a few of these, but I'm afraid to reveal my weaknesses to other Christians, so I won't tell which ones I have. Very clever, right down to the "code" numbers!
This is absolutely adorable. Being a psych major, I'm familiar with the DSM. I laughed all the way through this. I have a couple of people I know for sure will get a copy of this--one is my pastor, the other is a Christian therapist.
I, too,suffer from a few listed but like Dee will not reveal which ones. EXCELLENT, funny, a complete delight!
I thought you were kidding about the "Please Don't Send Me To Africa" song! You should add to that phobia that one of the other symptoms is absenting oneself from missions conferences. Exceptionally good.
This hilarious piece is absolutely delightful, a favorite, for sure. I laughed at all of them, well maybe the ones that didn't hit me! When I saw NIVOPHOBIA, I thought of a sermon my daughter heard in which an elderly preacher said that to read anything but the King James was a sin--you know the version Jesus read.
I loved this piece! Why do I think I know this person? My name is Dianne... I am a fanophobic of this writer's piece, and need a support group, or I may stop trying to write, as there is NO way, I can come up with stuff this good.
Brilliant! I absolutely love this.
This is absolutely classic. I actually worked with the DSM in a former job, and your wording was just right. And yes, I am a sufferer as well. I loved reading every word.
Fabulous! I sent it to my pastor and expect to hear some of these in a sermon soon.
This is ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR---The best I've read so far and strikingly funny.SUPERB!!!!
Delightful! I am on my way to share it with my Pastor hubby.

Very creative!
"Olordophobia," right here! See? I admitted it. :-P

Brilliant as always. I actually have to get a copy of the DSM soon so this was a pure delight to read before the heavy stuff comes. Thanks for the laughter. Good luck!
Well, hopefully you don't have winnophobia because this one is definitely a contender this week! Absolutely priceless. So creative and well written. Loved it!
I think I'm in love...with your writing! This was one of the funniest things I've ever read. I hope I can write like you when I grow up.
You've been reading my mail! You know me so well.
Oh Jan ... you've done it again. I have my favorites but am afraid to mention them for fear of being labled. Tehe (Labelphobia?)

Priceless! A classic!
Jan -- this is wonderful! I'm sure lots of F.W.'s ministers will be sharing some of your definitions in their sermons all across the U.S. Spectacular!
'Super' doesn't even begin to describe this! I've gotta share this one! :-) Hugs!
I love it! God blessed you with an extra dose of cleverness. Dropinophobia made me laugh out loud -- 'cause you know there are way too many "church" people who fall into that category. (I guess I better look around my house and make sure that's not me.)

Another wonderful, highly original story -- as usual. Great job with the topic.
This was so creative and fun! And it really hit home, too! I think I'm really "sick" and may need professional help! Great job!
Hilarious and fearfully true. I loved this. Good job.
LOL! I love it!

Personally, I know I am suffering from Vibsophobia--after a few months working in a nursery every other week, I definitely know I have this condition! :-P
So very, very imaginative and clever! I thank you for the good laugh with which to begin my day! Excellent job, as always! :)
You always amaze me with your creativity! I laughed hard at this. Been cured of some of these, still working on others. Absolutely excellent!
I love your sense of humor! I also seem to have a couple of these phobias as well! YIKES! Well done!
While I was gone the last few days, I had just a few minutes on the computer. I skimmed through entries and read the most interesting ones, but didnt' have time to comment. Now I'm coming back to one of those I really enjoyed. Very well done, and a fun read.
Excellent, witty and insightful. Surprised you didnít play around with a FaithWriters submitaphobia or the like! Small niggle in that I would have liked you to develop your end theme on love as the prescribed cure Ė could make a pleasing contrast to the medical professionís dependence on mind altering drugs.
Why do you keep using my bio to get ideas for your writing?

Did my little sister sell you my old diary?

Excellent job of describing many of my phobias.

Great writing, timely topic...Dave

Thanks for the comments on
Romans 8:28. Also for the warning. Much Appreciated!!!
I wanted to see who the comments came from and chose this one to read! Humorous but oh so true! Keep in touch, PLEASE!!!
This is hilarious. :-)