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Oh! I'm speechless! This is so wonderfully beautiful. Splendid. It's perfect.
Absolutely inspired!
I'm speechless. Absolutely in awe.
Not only was this breathtaking and thought provoking and tear jerking and joy filling, this was a reminder of where most of us have been that searched for a long time, and where those we love may still be searching. All vanity. All empty. And you captured the wonder of it is this beautiful masterpiece! BRAVO!!!
Oh, this one is a keeper for sure, the most absolutely beautiful words for the best message of all.
Beautiful. I especially love the alliteration in the first stanza.
What a mesmerizing poem. Such a nice flow and beautiful word choices. I love it.
Inspiring, beautiful and very meaningful. Thank you for this wonderful poem.
Oh Linda! Tears blurred my vision as I tried to finish this masterpiece. This is beyond beauty my friend - it's beyond all that I could ever hope to write.

What a privledge to read such work - this is awesome!

Just so awesome!
This is an exemplar of poetic language, particularly alliteration and imagery. You're just such a wonderful poet--you are blessed, and you bless us with every poem.
Love…”found in the stillness of surrender...” so poetically put, so beautifully true. When words capture such truth what more can be added? Simply wonderful!
Wow!! I'm awestruck.
I'm celebrating with you Linda today for your much deserved win! SOOO happy to see your name there... and so glad others are being as blessed as I feel when I read your writing. CONGRATS... do something special today to celebrate!
BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations!
This is exceptional poetry. You have such a way with words and you weave them in such a fascinating tapestry that I'm sure I would need to actually analyze every sentence so I wouldn't miss something. Just awesome. I think I shall have to read more of your stuff. This is top-of-the-list winner for me.

Thank you, too, for taking time to read and leave a comment on my entry. Now I appreciate it even more, knowing it comes from such a delightful writer as you are.
Congratulations on your EC. I'm not a poetry person -- but this is beautiful. Excellent writing.
Totally worthy of the recognition. I'm not a bit surprised :-) this gorgeous piece of poetry placed!
This just says it all so well! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When I read something so insightful and moving, it leaves me speechless. I love that!
Congratulations Linda. This is another beautiful entry. I especially like your MC's switch from the seeker to the one being found. These lines are so amazing, "I looked in music’s chords of voices calling, in framed brushstrokes hanging mute on willing walls, I looked in laughter’s embrace and in sorrow’s sighs"
--You are an artist!--

This is reminiscent of that beautiful poem "The Hound of Heaven".