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This made me think of my own grandma who was also very calm. I abolutely love the voice in this. Five stars from me.
I love this beautiful memories of a beautiful person. Great stuff.
Gramma certainly epitomizes the word calm. If only we could all be so peaceful in our own families.
This is PRECIOUS and beautiful and wonderful. Certainly can give ME some parenting lessons (or maybe only grandparents can do this LOL). Wonderful voice.
Wouldn't it be nice if my kids thought of ME that way...ha! Sadly, I'm sure they can remember plenty of UNcalm Mom moments. Hopefully, I'll chill a little by the time I have grandchildren. :-) Whether this piece is true or fictional, it was beautifully written. Great entry for "Calm."
I could use some of grandma's calm for sure. This is wonderfully written. Great job!
A wonderful tribute to a special grandmother who demonstrated well the fruit of the Spirit.
God bless the grammas. ;-) Beautiful writing, she was the picture of calm.
What a treasure!
What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. I especially like the words you use to describe her patience and loving manner toward the three of you. Wonderful story.
This was really sweet - I could use some of that kind of calm with my kiddos.
Congratulations on your EC. Oh how I wish I could have the peace and patience of gramma. Good job.
I believe this is a perfect picture of the Father's loving correction to us! That is if we would ever simply take the time to BE STILL enough to hear HIS small soft voice and wait in HIS PRESENCE!