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I love the flow of this - and you have made some wonderful word choices as well. Of course, the message is fabulous too. Good stuff.
This a beautiful poem of corporate worship. I could feel the invitation to worship all through it.
A very uplifting read on a Sunday morning. Super job. God bless.
This poem is packed with energy and enthusiasm...just like worship should be.
I see why you liked my "drops of Rain." ;)

A very refreshing read that leaves the reader with a cleansing sigh.

So beautiful and packed so full of healing truth.

Wow ...
This stanza excites me and making me hopeful of what's to come, and then knowing we can experience a foretaste of heaven here. "With open minds prepare to see the wonder, power, and majesty
of My great works, miracles all! Prepare your minds for Heavenís awe!"

How do you write this?, "Open your hearts, and hear My Voice. Return! Repent! Arise! Rejoice!" It's beautiful poetry. I love it!

Awesome descriptions. Wonderful alliteration. I really like the flow with phrases like "Come now, come in" and "Together rise! Together go" It's great!
I got your invite and here I am, enjoying your poem. I am a push over for good lines of rhyme - thanks for sharing.
O the joyous lifting of the heart, your words inspire. The flow carried me right in the open doors. Lovely.
Beautiful poem inviting us to worship... Great job!
How I wish we all would look upon "church" as such a precious opportunity to take advantage of this kind of invitation! We take it for granted, I'm afraid, and it become routine. This is a great way to shake us up a bit, and put our focus in the right place.
Oh, this is beautiful -- and I love the title. This is like a personal invitation to a beautiful, peaceful place. Great job with the topic.
This is wonderful. Makes me want to go worship right now. You did a super job with this.
Oh, I love the verse you chose to go with this splendid poem. When you think how glorious corporate worship is on this earth, just imagine what it will be like in heaven with billions of the redeemed and the angels singing in perfect harmony to the Godhead. God knew how important corporate worship was to encourage us, strengthen us in our faith and to embolden us which is why He instructed us not to forget the assembling of ourselves together.
Praise be to God for this provision for our spiritual growth. Somehow I think you've already set this to music. Move over, John Newton!
What at beautiful call to worship. And I love how the first stanza draws the reader in.