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This is a wonderful period piece. The sad part is that though the dates change, the attitudes don't. Often our "fellowship" is a closed one, with the occasional foray out into the world where true fellowship is so desperately needed. And we go back behind our safe church barriers and think we've actually done something good. Well done.
What an incredible job you did with the contrasts here - and I love the end. Powerful, convicting message for today!
Hard to read this story from the past. Why is it so difficult for us to see beyond the outside into the soul of each person? Your descriptions are so vivid, and I was very touched by the description of the children and their poverty. The ending really makes your point.
What a truly remarkable picture you painted and then, right at the end, you colored in for us real Christian fellowship.
Your characters are interesting, to say the least. I love the historical setting, as well as the timeless message delivered loudly and clearly through the women's actions.
This was a zinger of a piece that gave me much to think upon. Great job writing it.
Zing, straight to the heart. Perfect writing, you got these ladies precisely. The subtle irony in the title is masterful, too.
A tad more conversation than usual for you, and well done conversation I might add. Top notch writing and story telling I could only wish to replicate. God bless.
A powerful message to remind us to step out of our comfort zone. I loved the feel of this, and the descriptions were great. Kudos.
Wow, so true, but totally caught me off guard.
This reminded me of the committment Mother Theresa made to the poor. If we all could but have her vision and faith and see beyond the I'm sure, God does towards us. Wonderful writing and mood setting.
The imagery of the period and the contrasting dialects were superb. Good job.
This is absolutely one of my favorites. Congratulations on your EC -- very much deserved. Tremendous story, excellent writing, powerful message. Great job.