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I can tell you the answer to the question, but that's not the point, is it! You did a great job at making your point. Super voice and a delightful story.
Too fun and delightful. Just creative and a hoot.
What fun! Being part of at least one of the McCoy families, this held my attention. I like that you left the answer up in the air at the end.
Sure didn't see that ending coming! Great story!
Delightful story--I always wondered if the feudin' ever ended. I loved your ending here.
Quite a vivid picture you drew there with the feuding by the river. The surprise ending was truly amusing.
A great touch of local colour. I pity the poor preacher!
I think you got yourself confused about who stole from whom: in the second section you have the McCoys boasting that they had stolen a rabbit from the McCoys. But all in all a great story with a truly comical ending
Good job with the dialect--an amusing story.

I got lost a few times, trying to figure out who was speaking. A few dialog tags or other identifying sentences to go along with the dialogue would help a bit.

This is creative, clever, and highly entertaining.
Very entertaining. A lil struggle with who was speaking, but the lively writing and unique voice kept my interest throughout. Glad you're writing again. God bless.
Congratulations on your EC. This is really good. What a clever blending of two old feuds. Brilliant.