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This is cute. Your story makes a good point -- there are so many Sunday school classes, with so many names/interests; and still many people don't find a place to "fit in". Nice take on the topic.
I love this story--from title to end. Great points made but a fun read at the same time.
Great story and well written for taking points to heart.
I love the story. Really good characterization. As one who wishes the church would be more united and less divided, even when it comes down to Sunday School, I laughed at your descriptions. As one who doesn't "fit", I understood the problem. Good job.
That was adorable. There are a lot of people who need your Sunday School class. Very cute!
All the way through, I kept wondering if Yvonne was purposely crotchety to avoid the pain of being rejected by others. Kind of like "Reject them first before they get a chance to hurt you." There are far too many people like that, too.

You painted this characterization with your normal expertise, and I liked the ending very much. Offered hope.
I enjoyed the MC's sassy attitude and her pal, Miss Sadie. And I love the humor in the last paragraph.
This is delightful. Your MC really came alive. I *love* the last line, and chuckled out loud.
Is love brewing in the air between Kevin and Yvonne? Will there be a chapter 2? This was wonderful. I enjoyed every word. Great job.
I enjoyed your feisty MC and was hoping she's "attract" someone to match her in attitude.
Excellent characterization. I think Yvonne was once our church secretary, er, uh, administrative assistant. : )
I love the tempo in the first few paragraphs. The sentences aren't short, but they are clipped and it really makes her voice come alive. She's prickly, but I like her.
I feel as though I would have fit right in with this class. Great writing!
I love this article. God did indeed make all types of people, and all are needed and have their place in the church. Thanks for reminding us of this! Being a cat fan, my favorite line was 'and Miss Sadie, who in the contrary way of her feline ilk chooses to find me charming and irresistible'.
Thanks for a good Monday morning laugh! This entry was so good. I know a few Sadie's also. Keep on cranking out great stuff!
Clever and delightful. I also adore the last line. You did a wonderful job with putting us in your MC's mind (and mindset!). Loved it.
Great writing! Loved the title so I read on and was very surprised at the voice and how it led me through a delightful tale!! thanks for a good read:))
Love it! Yes, you were outside the box. :) I laughed when I read this, "an in-depth study of the genealogies in Numbers". If that was ever offered at our Sunday School I'd sign up for it. :) :)
Very nice. I'm glad there was a place after all, even if she had to make one to find someone she could relate to. Good job. ^_^
As usual, your entires are just a "notch above" with creative idea, characterization that is believable and always enjoyable! I keep telling you this!!
Very funny - Sign me up for that Numbers Geneaology class now! I felt like I really knew this character, as you really brought her to life.
Top notch. Acutally made me smile at the end, which must be rare because it shocked me. I appreciate attention to characterization and this was great, in fact beyond. I truly enjoyed this entry. God bless.
I love your voice! It's delightful and there's a lesson and a nugget wrapped in there--excellent! That last line is fabulous! :-) Hugs!
One of my favorites so far. I loved your character. I loved the flow. I loved the imagery. Very well done. Keep up the great writing!
Prickly indeed, but with a tender heart. You framed it all beautifully with great characterization and dialogue that brought everyone to life. I esp. liked the last line...too cute!
Congratulations on your much deserved 1st place. I love the quirkiness of the secretary -- I mean administrative assistant. :) Another excellent entry from you. Way to go.
Congratulations on the 1st Place EC! Well deserved and touching off anticipation for future great reads.
Congratulations. Beautiful job. Thanks for always making helpful comments on my pieces.
Congratulations, Jan! I knew this was a winner the first time I read it! Woo hoo!!!
Congratulations! Great article.
One of my favourite poems by William Cowper is The Nightingale and Glow-worm which again show that we should respect our innate differences and each glorify God in our own way.Excellent job, but where are the lilies?
Oh Jan, how fun. I got a good chuckle out of your last line. I'm so glad I stopped by for your merry-hearted medicine. Love, Crista
I read this at a time when I have felt out of place. But as I read your story. I find a peace with the way God has made me. At times a cactus and at times a lilly. Thank you for your story