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What a challenge this is to be a live-like-Jesus Christian. I'm glad you changed your MC's "might-have-been's" to "I will's."
Excellent! We can all identify with this, and you've written it so well.
Very good! You showed the consequences of our difadence and unconcern in a very believable way, inspiring me to look for opportunities to tell about my Lord.
This is the best I've read so far! Good voice - I like your details and how you wove your beginning all the way through. But most importantly, you convicted me as I thought of my own neighbor of 6 years who I wave to every Sunday when I go to church and they sit on their patio drinking themselves into oblivion.
Ouch. You stepped on my toes. Good voice. Very well done.
I too enjoyed the voice of this toe smashing piece. God bless.
Hindsight is certainly incriminating! Very well done--powerfully convicting. Great work. :)
This is EXTREMELY thought-provoking. I am drawn to your conversation style and found myself wanting to "chime in."

My favorite parts are the fork in the road at the end and also this line:
"I faithfully…usually…sometimes went to church that year."
A wonderful voice on this piece! Something for us all to think about.
How come we always think the "other" Christians should be evangelizing and not us? Good story and very thought-provoking. I recognized myself a time or two in the MC.
When did you become me??? ;) Rachel, this piece spoke to me like nothing else I read this week. Even if you hadn't ECed, just know that God probably had you write this piece just to minister to/admonish ME! Oh - and congrats.
Your talent stirred the hearts of all who read this. I pray this finds a wonderful publication home.