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I loved the transitions in your story. The final one was beautiful. The one thing that did not disappear was his faith. You portrayed an accurate journey in the life of a girl. This was a touching story.
As a preacher's daughter, I really identified with this excellently written story with the beautiful message.
This absolutely touched me. Lovely and heartfelt. Wonderful.
I loved this and it was very well written.
So beautiful! This story brought tears to my eyes for my Dad has Alzheimer's, and though he was not a minister, he touched hearts as a good Christian man all through his life. I like the message that GOD remembers what was accomplished in the years when men like your Dad were in their prime, though the world tends to forget.
I really like how you progressed the daughter through the years. This ended very sad but so awesome that the man's faith is still there when his other memories have faded.
Above and beyond outstanding. I could really identify. God bless.
Wow! I loved the passage of time and calling the ending a surprise, or twist, is such an understatement. Very powerful. As a PK, I'm quite moved.
This is very good. I was with the daughter through all her stages and emotions -- and your kept me wanting to read more. Really good writing.

Okay, so I have one minor issue. You write that "she could care less," and the correct saying is "she couldn't care less." People use that incorrectly all the time -- and, my bad, it's a huge pet peeve of mine, and my son's. Guess he got that from me. :)

Nice job with the topic -- and what a wonderful daughter.
Oh, how melancholy, but full of tenderness and grace. A bittersweet story, masterfully written.
I am crying. This story left an imprint on me.
This father's legacy is a wonderful testament to the infallible spirit that lives within all of us despite the crumbling earthly foundation that can so easily distract us from the truth.
This is so good, and a very touching portrait of a wonderful father/daughter relationship.
This is poignant and touching. The flow is great, and I just loved it!
Excellent! I loved seeing Linda transition through the different stages of her life. I loved watching her still care for and love her father. Very powerful and moving. SSShhhheee's Back!
You truly are a master. This made me cry and kept me till the last sentence. Beautiful writing!
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is a beautiful picture of a father/daughter relationship. Great job.
Oh my goodness! I wasn't prepared for this and started crying when I realized where you were going with it. What a great portrait of a great man in a body and mind that became frail over time. Thank God our lives are hid with Christ in God. Beautiful job! Masterfully told!
A tender story, beautifully written, with a powerful message. Your portrayal of dementia/Alzheimer's is so realistic. Congrats on 1st place EC.
Wow! You deserved 1st place. I was a PK and recongnize the different stages. The end brought tears. Congratulations!
Congrats, Lynda!!! Great story!
Great job capturing the different stages of life--for the father and the daughter. I really enjoyed this entry.
This has to be my all-time "Lynda Schab" favorite.... A contender indeed for the BOB Award....

In a day and age of cold blooded cynicism, your inspirational story warmed my heart.
Wow Lynda! Congrats hon! This is awesome and(sniff),a heart tugger. I love the flow from one passage of time to another. I wasn't sure how you would end this but I love the conclusion.Great job kiddo! Miss talkin' with ya and all at FW. I'm coming back hopefully this next challenge-depends-it's just been busy for us,etc,yada,yada, ydada.:0)Janice God bless all!Hugs!
By the looks of the fan mail, I can see that my "judging" of this entry (along with my co-horts) wasn't incorrect. As I read it and rated it, I could empathize - as my father too...(which I wrote about) suffered likewise with this heartwrenching problem. Great writing! Congratulations!